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I'm dreading posting this entry, despite being completely sure of what I have to say.

I've been pondering about this for the last couple of months, and I guess that stress and the load of work that has fallen over me during this week finally pushed me to make this decision "official".

The birth of Generation Six will mark the end of The Broke Legacy.

You've probably noticed that I've been pulling all the "big levers" throughout Generation Five, trying to close as many plots as possible. My original plan was to conclude Strangetown's story (because I was eventually running out of characters) and move on with another Neighborhood (in this case, Belladonna Cove and a bit of Veronaville for Gen 6).

But considering the huge changes that'll take place in my life in just a few months, I'm afraid I'll no longer have the time (nor the energy) to focus on a story as demanding as this one and I definitely do not want to end up abandoning it in the long term.

I, at least, owe my readers a proper conclusion for the Broke's adventures.

I'm aiming to finish this story before I move to Texas in August, but knowing me, it'll probably take a little bit longer. I've always known how I wanted to end the Legacy, so I guess I'll just move it from Gen 10 to Gen 6.

But it sure as heck won't be a rushed ending. I'm currently planning out how I want things to flow to that point, but I'll still let my sims guide the story, as I've always done.

Once I'm done with The Brokes, I'll still be around, of course. Having a hobby is healthy, after all, so I'll continue making my silly content and posting short stories now and then (some of them with the Twin Town characters).

And I'll most likely continue playing with my Legacy sims, but instead of registering everything they do as I've done until now, I'll post drabbles about their descendants if something funny or cute happens in my game.

So that's, in a nutshell, what I've planned for my loved hobby in the near future. This is not a flouncing post, and be sure that even if I stopped playing the Sims altogether, I'd still be around, for I enjoy being part of this community so much, and I'm thankful of what it has given me these last two years (new friends and my long-lost love to create stories).

- Simgaroop.
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... since I last posted a picture teaser for my story :).

I was working on my new update and was doing great, but then there was a six hour blackout in my neighborhood. The energy has just came back, but I'm no longer in the mood to finish that scene. Well, there's tomorrow.

But in the mean time...

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(April 9th, 2009: Reposting this entry to my Livejournal account. No new Brokes... yet ;) ).

All of these Sims are adults, wearing an awesome Maxis Base game outfit.

Most of them have no custom content to make the downloading easier for those who are on dial-up connection. Check out my Resources page for a list of the sites where I got my CC from.

(If you still can't find a particular piece of CC, feel free to ask me).

You are free to do ANYTHING you want with these Sims. You can use them in stories, change their names, kill them, have them make tons of babies, give them all kind of makeovers, etc. No need to ask for permision, either (But I'd love a link if you upload pictures with them ^^).

In my opinion, Sims are shared to have fun with them! ^____^

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It took much less than what I expected, so here's the SBC Institute ready for download.

I took down some Custom Content I considered superficial and replaced it with Maxis content. I also deleted all the recolors I used, so I suggest you to get the medical posters from Lethe_s (at MTS2) if you want the medical lab to look like the pictures from the last post. Also, for some reason, the Re-Nu-Yu Machine disappeared when I packaged the lot, so if you want to, you can replace it on the Engineering lab.

Other than that, the changes are barely noticeable. And contrary to what I suspected, it is only a couple MB heavier than Belladonna High :).

You can find the updated preview pictures and the download link at Garden of Shadows (I'm not re uploading the pics here because Photobucket is being annoying lately, so I better save the bandwith :S).

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Formerly known as the LBC Institute (because I'm silly and didn't check twice my notes before naming the institute), the SBC Institute is a very prestigious and powerful research facility whose influence has definitely left a mark around the world. The research and discoveries done during the last five generations have played a fundamental role in the development and history of the sim civilization, in particular at Strangetown, the town where it was founded.

You'll learn more about the SBC Institute, its history and founders, on the next story update. For now, I wanted to show you a few pics of the completed lot. This took me easily twice the time I spent building Belladonna Highschool, but I'm very happy with the results ^^.

I'm still figuring out if I'll share it or not, because it has more CC than Belladonna High (although I tried to keep with Maxis stuff as much as possible) and I'm not sure if you'd download a heavy lot like this or not. I want to be sure it'll be actually used before embarking in the task of writing down all the CC used and packaging it separately.

Anyway, let's take a quick tour through the SBC Institute, shall we?

The SBC Institute Exterior.
The small building at the front is the entrance, then you can see the crystal hexahedron in the center, which connects the Institute's three main buildings: The Visitor Center on the right, the researcher offices on the left and the laboratories on the back.

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So, while I wait for my Sims game to load, here's a small picture post as proof that I'm really working on my Legacy Story :D. There are small spoilers in here, nothing too revealing about the main plot. I'll probably won't be able to include all of them in the official updates, anyway.

As you already know, the main story has temporarily moved to Belladonna Cove, where the Gen 4 Heir and his children moved after the tragic loss of his wife. I do plan to move them back to Strangetown, because to me that's the Broke's main town, but that will happen by the time the only kid of Gen 6 is born (yup, all my Broke's will be born in Strangetown too).

Tom is still a teenager in my game, but I've decided he's gonna have only one kid (or two, if he's "blessed" with twins :D). I'm putting both him and his future spouse on eternal "pill" via ACR as soon as that kid is born. These last two Generations have been too large to handle, with so many characters to develop at the same time and right now I'll admit I won't focus on all the Gen 5 children in the story. They'll still be mentioned, of course, but the plot will fall only on Tom and Chip (plus Edward to an extent).

I hope that with only one "official" character for Gen 6 (plus his/her cousins), I'll get out of the current slump of the story and move on faster. I'm worried once I begin my master's studies I won't be able to continue the Legacy at all, so I want to get as far as possible in the next few months.

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Of course, now that I've announced my advent calendar, I'm now swamped by tons of work and family affairs. So, you'll have to excuse this late offering for December 2nd :P.

Prompt: Super Duper Hug (by [ profile] showercapfrog)
Universe: The Broke Legacy (beginning of Gen 3)
Pictures: 25

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Prompt: "Anything and everything involving Helena" (by [ profile] strange_tomato)
Universe: The Broke Legacy
Pics: 17

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All right, here's my second submission for the [ profile] maxis_taste Dare #2. Silly me assumed I could use Maxis townies instead of the PLAYABLE sims required for this challenge.

So, here I go again! :D

Just a warning, though, for this submission is related to the Broke Legacy. This is a HUGE teaser about what's coming up in a few updates, because it takes place twenty years after the tragic events at Takemizu Village. I was eager to try a few things I recently downloaded from MTS2 in order to include them in the storyline, hence this little story.

So, BEWARE TEH EVIL SPOILERS!!!! (Though if you haven't read the Legacy yet you are safe for now ;) ).

Trapped in the Middle of Nowhere (20 years later) )
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Warnings: Partial (censored) nudity, implied sex and alcohol. Lots of fluff! :P

Cody's Story (Part 1): 160 pics )
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First of all, thank you so much for all the nice words and comments you left in my last (and very lame, now that I look at it) entry. I'm still a bit numb from the shock, because I really didn't expect to win the scholarship. Yesterday, I was playing my sims when I noticed that I had a new e-mail (I have the web mail notifier plug-in). When I saw the subject, "Interview Results", I nearly lost my breath.

Two minutes later, I broke down in front of the computer in tears. I'm afraid I scared my family with my reaction, but once I was a bit more calm, we celebrated together. I've been getting phonecalls from my relatives all day, it feels as if my birthday took place five days earlier this year.

This also improved my mood a lot, for I was quite depressed last week. My office plans went down the drain due to a misunderstanding with my former partner, and things got very ugly. Well, I guess the saying "When a door is closed, a new window is opened" is true in my case.

I got more info from the foundation today. I have to go to an orientation in the Foreing Affairs Secretary of my country next week, where I'll be told the instructions to begin the admission process to the two universities I chose in my application, and the two the Fullbrith comitee will recommend to me. I want to go to the University of Texas in Austin and the Peabody Vanderbilt College in Nashville, TN. I have no idea which other two universities they'll select for me.

The scholarship consists in a 15,000 USD grant per study year, medical insurance of 100,000 USD and the foundation will aid me with the admission process, where they'll look for a discount of the tuition fees (so, if I'm lucky, I won't have to pay that either). They'll also help me with the visa process. Meanwhile, I was asked to work on my statement of purpose (I already wrote it for the scholarship, so I just have to edit it the best as possible) and I have to repeat the GRE exam, because I got 1080 points last time, and I need at least 1100. Good thing is that I no longer have to pay for that either. I also have to translate my papers and... well, a lot of things to do this year, as you can see.

But before all that, I'm gonna celebrate both my scholarship and my birthday this weekend :).

I've been playing a bit with the Brokes too, because I said I'd get to Gen 6 before my vacations were over (in 10 days). Frankly, I don't think I'll make it, because I still have a lot of ideas I want to develop and my Gen 5 sims are still kids (especially my heir!), but I'll try to advance as much as possible.

I hope things go much quicker now that I moved Rosie, Chip, Lyla and Monica to the Specter lot. That was my original plan when I chose two heirs for Gen 4: As soon as the Gen 5 heir was chosen, I'd move the spares (and their parents) out of the house. Since Chip is not heir, Rosie had to leave the Broke lot, but you'll still see her a lot in the story.

So now I have six sims in the house: Tim, Cody (2 days away from becoming an adult and therefore leaving the lot), Tommy, Ed, Puck and Wanda (who are very old now), so I guess I'll just have three sims very soon. So, I moved them to a new, smaller house and spent a couple hours decorating it with lots of useless clutter thanks to Lord Darcy's awesome "slot enabler" for most of Maxis furniture.

Here are a couple pics for the next update. Well, not really, for most of them won't make it to a story update, so consider them as "extras":

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I'm having a hard time getting back in the "right mood" to play my Legacy neighborhood.

Perhaps it's because of the tons of stress I'm dealing with (and they fluctuate every day, when are my job issues going to end?!), but I'm really not in the mood to play (the normal, "legacy" way).

I'm still making portraits to decorate the Broke house once I get back my "inspiration" to play with them. You may have noticed in my last entry that I didn't include the spouses (Lilith, Bella, etc.) in those pictures, and there's a very stupid and simple explanation for that: I forgot to include Lilith's template when I loaded my game that day.

So, to "make up" to their absence in the last "photoshoot", here are a few "Wedding portraits" I took today. I'm quite pleased with the way they came out, because I tried to keep them "in character" and to use other poses besides the normal Maxis ones I abuse all the time. I'm still not sure which of these pictures should be converted into "paintings" (I've just learned to recolor using SimPe's object workshop, so I'm eager to use a couple custom meshes I've always liked ^^), so I'll just post my fave ones for now.

Perhaps you could help me decide? ^___^

A lot of Wedding Portraits: 38 pics )