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So here it is, the story of the Gen 3 spares: Andrew, Tamara and Natalia. It's another GIGA update, because for some reason I ended taking a zillion pictures of them and developing a little bit more complex story for them.
I don't usually pimp my Spare's updates but in this case, if you are currently reading the Broke Legacy, I strongly recommend you to at least read Andrew's story (the last one), otherwise the next update of Generation 4 might be a bit confusing.
The Story of Andrew, Tamara and Natalia: Part 1 (90 pics) )
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Previous update: Gen 3.5.
Warning: This is a GIGA update with 220 pictures, which I've divided in two. You'll find the link to the second part at the bottom of this entry.

Grandpa and I: Part 1 (110 pics) )
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Previous update: Gen 3.4.
Warning:This is a MEGA update with 175 pictures. Yeah, I wanted to catch up with all the pictures I had in my folder, otherwise this Generation will last forever. If it's too large to handle, please let me know and I'll split it in two.
The family grows... )

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