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Birthdate:Aug 11
Website:My Creations at MTS2

This is the backup of my Sims Journal (at Livejournal).

I originally created it as a place where I could keep track of all my Sims related entries, stories (in particular, The Broke Legacy) and my custom content creations.

Besides that, I'm glad it's also been a way to get to know other Sim players and make new friends ^_^

Some general facts about me:
- I'm Female
- I'm just a few months away from my thirties.
- I'm a psychologist who works as a special education teacher, but that will change when I move to Austin in a few months to pursue my Master's Degree in Special Education / Learning Disabilities.
- I'm a bit of a geek (I still play videogames and watch cartoons, partly because I have to be updated in the latest "children fads" for my job, but also because I still like them very much).
- I no longer write fanfiction, but I got back my creative spark thanks to the Sims games. I now write and illustrate stories based on them.
- I have no idea of anything else interesting enough to be written here :D.

This journal is Friends-Open. That means, of course, that I'd love to meet new friends, so feel free to add me as your friend (if you want to, of course).

Thanks for reading!
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