Apr. 15th, 2009

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I've discovered that building "themed lots" is extremely fun and relaxating. Right now, I'm working on a matching lot for Belladonna High, where the students and their families can hang out and do some specific shopping. I've just finished the "shell" of the mall (which will be one of those open air shopping centers), so now I'm gonna start furnishing and decorating the interiors.

So far, I've planned a hair salon, an H&M store (gotta make use of that stuff some time!), a bridal shop (story purposes), a fast food court and a cinema. But there's still some space left and too many ideas to fit in it. By the way, this is going to be a functional community lot, the kind you just place in any neighborhood and can send your sims to without need of someone owning it. I know there are some options that won't work unless a sim owns the business (like all the craftables and bakery), so if I set one of these stores, it'll work only as deco for pictures.

It's probably gonna be a bit heavier in CC than my earlier lots, because I want every store to be unique on the inside (and I've just found some neat maxis match store sets), but as always, I'll first try to furnish it with as much Maxis content as possible, then use recolors, then free custom content and just in case there's no free equivalent available, I'll use pay stuff.

So I need your input, please. If you were interested in downloading this lot, which of the following options would you prefer?

Poll and more wip pictures under the cut )

Thanks for your help!

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