Apr. 5th, 2009

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It took much less than what I expected, so here's the SBC Institute ready for download.

I took down some Custom Content I considered superficial and replaced it with Maxis content. I also deleted all the recolors I used, so I suggest you to get the medical posters from Lethe_s (at MTS2) if you want the medical lab to look like the pictures from the last post. Also, for some reason, the Re-Nu-Yu Machine disappeared when I packaged the lot, so if you want to, you can replace it on the Engineering lab.

Other than that, the changes are barely noticeable. And contrary to what I suspected, it is only a couple MB heavier than Belladonna High :).

You can find the updated preview pictures and the download link at Garden of Shadows (I'm not re uploading the pics here because Photobucket is being annoying lately, so I better save the bandwith :S).

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I did this last week, but I completely forgot to upload it :).

- 6 Natural Re Textures (Mostly [livejournal.com profile] chokelate mixed with just a bit of the original ones). I was mostly experimenting with my reds and browns, hence the two extra options for this set.
- Mesh included (To avoid you the pain of downloading a huge set just for the mesh, and I'm mildly irritated because this site is now pay).
- All ages.
- Binned, familiarized and compressed.
- Gray included with the black file.

Download Newsea 20 for Males HERE

From now on, every time I upload a new re texture, I'll also update my Hair Re Textures and Recolors Master List, to keep all my files organized in a single post :).

- Enjoy!

P.S. I have two weeks off and I'm not going anywhere (I need to save for my masters studies). I need a distraction (personal issues beyond my control are making me anxious and a bit depressed lately), so I'm accepting requests for either re textures (if possible, considering my limited abilities) or re colors for any mesh you want during this time. Feel free to ask! :)

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