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I haven't been in the mood to post anything lately. Maybe it's the stress from all the Graduate School paperwork and things I need to do now (which seem 10 times more complicated when done from out of the US), but I've been in a very bad mood and get angry easily.

The good side is that this week I accepted the offer from the University of Texas at Austin. I was also accepted at the University of Georgia, but Austin was always my first choice. So, as for two days ago, I'm officially a student over there. I even got my student number. The bad side is that I have to embark in an endless oddissey of visa requirements, financial papers and who knows what else (plus looking for an apartment because everyone has told me that I'd have to be insane to move to a dorm as a graduate student), so my stomach is literally a knot right now.

Fortunately, I'm going back to work tomorrow, so I hope that the distraction of being with my little students will let me relax and improve my mood. I'm looking forward to that :) (my left hand, though, not so much. It's time to draw 1000000000 pokémons - "Reikazar" (sp? That's what the kids call it) in particular- a day again!

In the mean time, I've done some Sim deco as a distraction. It's currently in the moderation queue at ModTheSims 2 but what the heck, I'm impatient. So I'm gonna show it to my f-list for now.

These are all recolors of the "Stick em Up" Bulletin Board from the University EP. I recently learned how to extract literally all the textures from the game, so I went a bit crazy and ended with tons of little pics and bits that I then organized into these neat bulletin boards.

This is also a bonus for my sister, who's jealous of my PC and its ability to play SPs like Teen Style Stuff (As some of you may know, she's a Mac User). She liked the posters, so I dissected them and included some of their pictures on the boards, so now she can decorate her dorms with the teen stuff.

I also made some new decals and magazine recolors in this same fashion, but I don't have the pictures ready yet. And some books, recolors of a mesh from Aikea Guinea, that for some reason are not showing up. Oh well...

- Have a lovely night!
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I'm pretty sure this is the most stupid thing I've ever written, but I had so much fun I'm eager to do it again in the near future.

If you've been following the fourth and fifth generation of the Broke Legacy, you already know about Tim's show business career, from his beginnings as a teen comedian to the film that made him a "movie star" a few years later.

That movie is "ARR! The Search of the Hidden Booty", a pirate movie about the incredible adventures of an ex-hacker, Salomon Bridges and his best friend, Dr. Lily Jones, as they search for the hidden "booty": A treasure of custom content files stolen by the evil pirate, Captain Tobias Greed.

I was planning to make a short spin-off story for this movie, but that would take me a long time and I'm already too busy with my job (of course) and my two stories to start yet another project. So, I settled for a silly trailer, open enough to let you imagine your own version of the Arr! Movie.

This has no relation to the Broke Legacy (besides the identity of the main actor), so anyone can read this without risk of spoilers.

I hope you enjoy it ^^.

ARR! The Search for the Hidden Booty Trailer: 56 pics + 6 movie posters )
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I'm having a hard time getting back in the "right mood" to play my Legacy neighborhood.

Perhaps it's because of the tons of stress I'm dealing with (and they fluctuate every day, when are my job issues going to end?!), but I'm really not in the mood to play (the normal, "legacy" way).

I'm still making portraits to decorate the Broke house once I get back my "inspiration" to play with them. You may have noticed in my last entry that I didn't include the spouses (Lilith, Bella, etc.) in those pictures, and there's a very stupid and simple explanation for that: I forgot to include Lilith's template when I loaded my game that day.

So, to "make up" to their absence in the last "photoshoot", here are a few "Wedding portraits" I took today. I'm quite pleased with the way they came out, because I tried to keep them "in character" and to use other poses besides the normal Maxis ones I abuse all the time. I'm still not sure which of these pictures should be converted into "paintings" (I've just learned to recolor using SimPe's object workshop, so I'm eager to use a couple custom meshes I've always liked ^^), so I'll just post my fave ones for now.

Perhaps you could help me decide? ^___^

A lot of Wedding Portraits: 38 pics )

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