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Warnings: Partial (censored) nudity, implied sex and alcohol. Lots of fluff! :P

Cody's Story (Part 1): 160 pics )
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So here it is, the story of the Gen 3 spares: Andrew, Tamara and Natalia. It's another GIGA update, because for some reason I ended taking a zillion pictures of them and developing a little bit more complex story for them.
I don't usually pimp my Spare's updates but in this case, if you are currently reading the Broke Legacy, I strongly recommend you to at least read Andrew's story (the last one), otherwise the next update of Generation 4 might be a bit confusing.
The Story of Andrew, Tamara and Natalia: Part 1 (90 pics) )
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Previous Updates
I don't know if this happens to you, but every time I read a legacy, I end up wondering what happened to those Sims that weren't chosen as heirs.

I know that most of them end in "Europe" or in the family bin limbo. And it's pretty hard to keep playing every sibling from each generation.

So, I made some sort of photo shoot with my version of Icaro and Molly's lives after they left the Legacy home. I didn't play them the traditional way because I cheated a lot with the Insimenator to create their children (so they will interact with their cousins Andrew and Wanda in next updates, I hope). I'll try to make one of these updates every time I enter a new generation.

I'm not including Henry because he's not an official non-heir, but maybe if I find the time I'll make an entry with him and the Gen 1 non-heirs (Dustin and David).

Anyway, here comes the weird experiment...

(BTW, the "recent" pictures are supposed to take place 7 years after Cosmo's wedding).

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