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A few months ago, I tried to make a family tree of the Broke Legacy. Generation Four had just been born (Tim was still a toddler) and therefore the family line wasn't as messy as it is now. It was such an annoying task to make the thumbnails and place them in a Photoshop template. I got confused with so many layers as well, so the final result was a crappy, incomplete family tree.

I've been postponing the unavoidable update of the family tree for a long time. But then, as I was re-reading earlier entries at [ profile] legacy_writers, I found a link to [ profile] selzi's tutorial on creating family trees with the help of an amazing little software called Ahnenblatt. Yup, the program is in German, but her tutorial is pretty easy to follow :). She's awesome!

And that's how I finally updated, or better said, I re-started the Broke Legacy family tree. According to Ahnenblatt, there are 91 sims currently registered in the tree, including long lost relatives. The end result was huge, of course, so I cut it in several parts to make it easier to see.

These are very LARGE gif images, so I really hope your PC won't have trouble displaying them in your screen, though I tried to make them as small as possible.

So, let's see the mess this Family has created among the Strangetown characters:

The Broke Legacy Family Tree: 8 large gif pictures )

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