Apr. 23rd, 2009

simgaroop: (Tommy toddler)
I'm dreading posting this entry, despite being completely sure of what I have to say.

I've been pondering about this for the last couple of months, and I guess that stress and the load of work that has fallen over me during this week finally pushed me to make this decision "official".

The birth of Generation Six will mark the end of The Broke Legacy.

You've probably noticed that I've been pulling all the "big levers" throughout Generation Five, trying to close as many plots as possible. My original plan was to conclude Strangetown's story (because I was eventually running out of characters) and move on with another Neighborhood (in this case, Belladonna Cove and a bit of Veronaville for Gen 6).

But considering the huge changes that'll take place in my life in just a few months, I'm afraid I'll no longer have the time (nor the energy) to focus on a story as demanding as this one and I definitely do not want to end up abandoning it in the long term.

I, at least, owe my readers a proper conclusion for the Broke's adventures.

I'm aiming to finish this story before I move to Texas in August, but knowing me, it'll probably take a little bit longer. I've always known how I wanted to end the Legacy, so I guess I'll just move it from Gen 10 to Gen 6.

But it sure as heck won't be a rushed ending. I'm currently planning out how I want things to flow to that point, but I'll still let my sims guide the story, as I've always done.

Once I'm done with The Brokes, I'll still be around, of course. Having a hobby is healthy, after all, so I'll continue making my silly content and posting short stories now and then (some of them with the Twin Town characters).

And I'll most likely continue playing with my Legacy sims, but instead of registering everything they do as I've done until now, I'll post drabbles about their descendants if something funny or cute happens in my game.

So that's, in a nutshell, what I've planned for my loved hobby in the near future. This is not a flouncing post, and be sure that even if I stopped playing the Sims altogether, I'd still be around, for I enjoy being part of this community so much, and I'm thankful of what it has given me these last two years (new friends and my long-lost love to create stories).

- Simgaroop.

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