Mar. 13th, 2009

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So, while I wait for my Sims game to load, here's a small picture post as proof that I'm really working on my Legacy Story :D. There are small spoilers in here, nothing too revealing about the main plot. I'll probably won't be able to include all of them in the official updates, anyway.

As you already know, the main story has temporarily moved to Belladonna Cove, where the Gen 4 Heir and his children moved after the tragic loss of his wife. I do plan to move them back to Strangetown, because to me that's the Broke's main town, but that will happen by the time the only kid of Gen 6 is born (yup, all my Broke's will be born in Strangetown too).

Tom is still a teenager in my game, but I've decided he's gonna have only one kid (or two, if he's "blessed" with twins :D). I'm putting both him and his future spouse on eternal "pill" via ACR as soon as that kid is born. These last two Generations have been too large to handle, with so many characters to develop at the same time and right now I'll admit I won't focus on all the Gen 5 children in the story. They'll still be mentioned, of course, but the plot will fall only on Tom and Chip (plus Edward to an extent).

I hope that with only one "official" character for Gen 6 (plus his/her cousins), I'll get out of the current slump of the story and move on faster. I'm worried once I begin my master's studies I won't be able to continue the Legacy at all, so I want to get as far as possible in the next few months.

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