Apr. 28th, 2009

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So here I am, reporting live from my room on this fourth (or fifth?) day of domiciliary arrest due to the swine flue virus. According to my neighbor, some people around the block are beginning to go insane from boredom and stress, so the most important thing is to remain calm and to not obsess with the situation.

Therefore, my televisor and radio are grounded until further notice, because obviously every single TV show and radio program in the country is dedicated to what else? The swine flu. It's tiring, really.

So far, no flu symptoms for me! I think that means I'm officially safe from the virus for now. As long as I follow the prevention measures that the media keeps drilling into our minds all day long, I'll be fine.

Nothing else to report, so let's change the topic.

I made some hair re-textures. Yay, boredom! One for males and one for females:

- Hair textures by [livejournal.com profile] chokelate.
- Bandana textures by squidfingers.
- Child to Elder.
- Five Natural Recolors (Grey included in the black file)
- Familiarized, compressed and binned.
- Mesh by Rose Sims included.


And a Newsea male hair under the cut... )
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"... This city of 20 million people has shut itself in as authorities try to prevent the epidemic from spreading. But with no schools, no movie theaters and no cafes to while away the hours, many are already going stir crazy.

On Tuesday, officials banned Mexico City's 25,000 restaurants from serving customers — takeout is still OK — and closed gyms, swimming pools and pool halls. Already, night clubs, museums, zoos and movie theaters had been off-limits. And schools have been closed nationwide until at least May 6...

... Outside, the overcrowded city has become almost spacious. Traffic flows easily down broad avenues and normally crowded squares are crisscrossed by the occasional pedestrian.

Even one of the city's main produce market, La Merced, has emptied. Normally, thousands of sweaty bodies jostle against one another among the towering mounds of jalapenos, mangos and squash blossoms. On Tuesday there was hardly a soul, save produce sellers and the occasional health worker taping up posters warning people to steer clear of crowds."

- From this article on Yahoo.

*Sighs* :(

Right now, the only places that are still open are some office buildings, banks and grocery stores, but for how long?

This city is slowly turning into a ghost town with each passing day.

I'm upset.


By the way, I've just re-uploaded all the files I had on my box.net account to a new esnips folder, following [livejournal.com profile] dragancaor 's suggestion. My box.net files are supposed to go back online on Friday, but it doesn't hurt to have a back up.

You can find all my stuff here (it's a public folder).

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