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... since I last posted a picture teaser for my story :).

I was working on my new update and was doing great, but then there was a six hour blackout in my neighborhood. The energy has just came back, but I'm no longer in the mood to finish that scene. Well, there's tomorrow.

But in the mean time...

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First of all, thank you so much for all the nice words and comments you left in my last (and very lame, now that I look at it) entry. I'm still a bit numb from the shock, because I really didn't expect to win the scholarship. Yesterday, I was playing my sims when I noticed that I had a new e-mail (I have the web mail notifier plug-in). When I saw the subject, "Interview Results", I nearly lost my breath.

Two minutes later, I broke down in front of the computer in tears. I'm afraid I scared my family with my reaction, but once I was a bit more calm, we celebrated together. I've been getting phonecalls from my relatives all day, it feels as if my birthday took place five days earlier this year.

This also improved my mood a lot, for I was quite depressed last week. My office plans went down the drain due to a misunderstanding with my former partner, and things got very ugly. Well, I guess the saying "When a door is closed, a new window is opened" is true in my case.

I got more info from the foundation today. I have to go to an orientation in the Foreing Affairs Secretary of my country next week, where I'll be told the instructions to begin the admission process to the two universities I chose in my application, and the two the Fullbrith comitee will recommend to me. I want to go to the University of Texas in Austin and the Peabody Vanderbilt College in Nashville, TN. I have no idea which other two universities they'll select for me.

The scholarship consists in a 15,000 USD grant per study year, medical insurance of 100,000 USD and the foundation will aid me with the admission process, where they'll look for a discount of the tuition fees (so, if I'm lucky, I won't have to pay that either). They'll also help me with the visa process. Meanwhile, I was asked to work on my statement of purpose (I already wrote it for the scholarship, so I just have to edit it the best as possible) and I have to repeat the GRE exam, because I got 1080 points last time, and I need at least 1100. Good thing is that I no longer have to pay for that either. I also have to translate my papers and... well, a lot of things to do this year, as you can see.

But before all that, I'm gonna celebrate both my scholarship and my birthday this weekend :).

I've been playing a bit with the Brokes too, because I said I'd get to Gen 6 before my vacations were over (in 10 days). Frankly, I don't think I'll make it, because I still have a lot of ideas I want to develop and my Gen 5 sims are still kids (especially my heir!), but I'll try to advance as much as possible.

I hope things go much quicker now that I moved Rosie, Chip, Lyla and Monica to the Specter lot. That was my original plan when I chose two heirs for Gen 4: As soon as the Gen 5 heir was chosen, I'd move the spares (and their parents) out of the house. Since Chip is not heir, Rosie had to leave the Broke lot, but you'll still see her a lot in the story.

So now I have six sims in the house: Tim, Cody (2 days away from becoming an adult and therefore leaving the lot), Tommy, Ed, Puck and Wanda (who are very old now), so I guess I'll just have three sims very soon. So, I moved them to a new, smaller house and spent a couple hours decorating it with lots of useless clutter thanks to Lord Darcy's awesome "slot enabler" for most of Maxis furniture.

Here are a couple pics for the next update. Well, not really, for most of them won't make it to a story update, so consider them as "extras":

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Previous update: Helena's Story

One of the worst habits I have while playing my legacy is that I take too many pictures. I have my left hand ALWAYS close to the Tab and C keys (and the 0 key for pausing) to take a snapshot as soon as I find a hilarious face or an interesting situation. Of course, because I want to make sure I get the best angle or close-up as possible (so my readers can clearly see the expression or interaction I'm trying to show through the pic), I take a lot of snapshots of the same scene.

That leaves me with around 2000 pictures to sort out per update. I usually divide them in "scenes" or "days" (so I don't have to deal with 2000 pics in a single folder and kill my PC at the same time) and then choose the best picture from each interaction/expression. I then delete the rest of the pictures and that leaves me with 300 pics to work with. I end up deleting more pictures that I don't need for the story until I'm left with the final 200 pics that I rename (with numbers), edit at Photoshop (Actions are my best friends :P) and upload.
In short, I usually have a lot of "behind the scene" pictures that I end up deleting to keep my poor PC sane. Now I regret doing that, because there were a lot of hilarious pictures that I'd have liked to share as a sort of "Commentary" entry. Oh well...

I saved a few pics from Gen 4, though (well, the final update of Gen 4) and a couple from the annoying process of restoring Strangetown. I took some pictures to talk about the first three Generations as a special "Yay! I'm finally on Gen 5!" entry, but I decided to save them for the Storytellers Spotlight that I'll post on Monday at [ profile] simstorytellers.

I've returned from my job early (the classes were suspended because of the current heat wave we are dealing at my city), so I'll post my notes for Gen 4.7 (and 5.0) in the mean time.

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