Apr. 9th, 2009

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(April 9th, 2009: Reposting this entry to my Livejournal account. No new Brokes... yet ;) ).

All of these Sims are adults, wearing an awesome Maxis Base game outfit.

Most of them have no custom content to make the downloading easier for those who are on dial-up connection. Check out my Resources page for a list of the sites where I got my CC from.

(If you still can't find a particular piece of CC, feel free to ask me).

You are free to do ANYTHING you want with these Sims. You can use them in stories, change their names, kill them, have them make tons of babies, give them all kind of makeovers, etc. No need to ask for permision, either (But I'd love a link if you upload pictures with them ^^).

In my opinion, Sims are shared to have fun with them! ^____^

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So I was looking at my downloads folder and realized I had 1.87 Gb of stuff in one of my subfolders.

And that's just my "objects folder"!!!

WTF?! No wonder my game takes forever to load lately.

So, in an abrupt movement, I deleted all my stuff. No more 80000 clutter files and a gazillion wall recolors I never use.

Good thing I was anal retentive enough to keep the CC for my two lots apart, otherwise they'd be completely screwed up now.

So now, I ask you, my fellow simmers who have managed to keep your downloads folder in a manageable, tiny size: Which are the basic buy and build stuff you have? I think I'll get some Holy Simoly stuff and a few recolors. And that's it, but I'm probably missing something.

So... which are your (Maxis Match, preferably) must haves?

When I'm done with that, I'm going to nuke my clothing folder. But the fact of having to play detective with all those meshes is a huge turn off. Meh, I'm lazy. I can live with the 1.70 Gb of clothes for now... :S

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