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Here'a another belated drabble for [ profile] simstorytellers weekly challenge. There are no spoilers for any of my stories.

Challenge 002: Death
Word Count: 127
Number of Pictures: 2

I don't expect anyone to understand, how it was his company what saved me from the shadows... )
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I haven't been able to participate in one of [ profile] simstorytellers weekly challenges because I've barely had time to play the Sims these last few weeks. And most of that "gaming" time has been actually spent fixing my neighborhood instead of playing.

Since I'm finally able to play with my sims, I've been taking a few "flashback" pictures for future Broke updates. And when I found out today's prompt, I figured one of those pictures might work with it.

So, here are two drabbles. Man! It's been over a year since I last wrote a drabble! I'm not good at writing short stuff, but it's nice to try out a challenge now and then, right?

Both of these drabbles are related to the Broke Legacy. The second one has strong hints of what's coming up in the story ;).

Two Drabbles for the Prompts -Welcome- and -Blame-: 2 pics )

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