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In this entry you'll find 2 maxis match natural re textures of the following meshes:
- Peggy "Helmet" hair.
- Nouk's Jessica Hair.

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This entry includes the following sets:

- Newsea 15 (Piggy) for males.
- Newsea 15 (Piggy) for females.
- Yuxi's MtF conversion of Raon's Male Mesh 13.

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This entry includes the following sets:

1. New re-texture of Raon Male Mesh #13 (Improved and fixed).
2. Re-texture of Vetty's Messy Natural mesh.
3. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 14
4. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 2
5. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 17
6. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 19

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In this entry you'll find three Maxis-Matchish retextures of the following meshes:

- Ephemera's Edit of the ShortnSweet conversion for males by Fanseelamb.
- Fantasyrogue's Late to the Party Mesh
- Raon 18 Alpha Edit by SER.

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Why yes, I'm very worried right now. Hence the insane amount of hairs I retextured last night to keep me away of an anxiety attack. Yesterday, I went to my relatives' place and I was on the verge of breaking down in tears when I saw my cousin :(.

Oh well, at least this distraction worked out and I was able to sleep (and you get MOAR hairs for your female simmies).

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Surprisingly enough, Newsea released a free mesh for a change :P.

And here's my re texture (it's crazy how much I enjoy doing this). This time, I blended Neena's textures with the original ones from Newsea, since I've realized that when I retexture these meshes using just Neena's, the end result resembles more a helmet than the original hair. I guess these meshes also rely on hand painted textures like Raon's.

I liked how these came out very, very much :). I hope you like them too!

- 6 Natural Colors.
- Mesh by Newsea is included (to avoid you the pain of downloading the whole set from their site. Considering it is now a deliberate paysite, I'll no longer send you there for the meshes).
- Textures are a blend between the original ones from Newsea and Neena Needle's.
- All ages (Gray included with the black file, as always).
- Compressed, linked and binned with SimPe.
- I mixed up the name of the mesh, so the hairs will show up on CAS with the wrong tooltip (It'll read Newsea 35, but it is Newsea 22). Small annoyance that I'll fix as soon as possible.


P.S. First time crossposting through dreamwidth (hope it works!).

Messy Wavy

May. 17th, 2009 01:17 pm
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This was a request from [personal profile] simsinthecity, who was interested in the meshes from SimsConnection.

Some of these meshes were just edits of Maxis ones (therefore impossible to retexture) or were so old that suffered from some mapping issues (in particular, the textures tended to look huge and blurry once in game), but I hope I managed something decent enough with today's upload, a wavy re-texture of SC's Sophomore Year Mesh.

- 6 Natural Colors.
- Original wavy texture by chokelate, edited slightly by me.
- Mesh by Janna (SimsConnection) included.
- All ages (grey included with the black file).
- Binned, compressed and linked through SimPe.


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Also known as: EA/Maxis can't keep with their canon time line regarding the pre made characters.

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon this page. It contains the descriptions of the premade families of Sunset Valley, the neighborhood that will ship with the Sims 3.

(Keep in mind that wikis are not 100% reliable, but this one includes official pictures, so there might be some truth behind these descriptions).

You know, I really needed this laugh. I spent a while reading the character bios and found some contradictions so absurd that I just had to point them out here. So...

Moar Drama under the Cut )


May. 17th, 2009 01:15 pm
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- 6 Natural Colors
- Original Texture by chokelate (slightly edited by me).
- Mesh by Yagi included, fixed by fantasyrogue :)
- Teen to Elder (Grey included with black file)
- Compressed, binned, linked and all that jazz.

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Belladonna Mall (Version 2) is a 3x3 community lot, with just the right size for all of us whose computers can't handle big lots like the monster I spent weeks building, and which I sadly had to delete. I'm surprised that this second try only took me a day, but that could be because I already knew the layout of all the stores by heart, so I didn't waste time downloading, recoloring and choosing what content to use.

It's also quite lighter than my other lots. Just 8 MB of custom content (Maxis recolors and a few clutter items mostly) all neatly sorted in a separate folder. Remember to place the folder in your Download's folder BEFORE you install the lot.

(I also made sure I included the required files for the Asian Fusion stuff, so there shouldn't be blue items this time)

Required mod: Lord Darcy's More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture. Thanks to this fix by Lord Darcy I didn't need to add a million magisplay trays to decorate the stores. If you don't have (or don't want to) install this mod, the lot will still work, but you'll probably find some clutter items on the floor the first time you load it.

Although seriously, you want this mod in your game. I love it to pieces! :)


Belladonna Mall
3x3 Community Lot
Fully Furnished (90% Maxis stuff)
- Karaoke Bar w/ Tea Room.
- Cinema.
- Food Court.
- Mini Market.
- Coffee Shop.
- Bridal Shop.
- Magic Shop.
- H&M Store.
- Hair Salon.
- Playground.
Play tested with my the games' highest settings on with no issues nor crashing.
Requires all the EPs up to Apartment Life and most of the SPs (FFS and GS are not required)

(I'll build the missing stores from the other mall aka the Bowling alley, music store and so on on a separate, complementary lot later)

EDIT: Silly me forgot these recolors:
- Fantasyrogue's Supermarket Signs
- Food Menu Set
Download and install this these (WTF, grammar fail) before installing the lot!

Yu #19

May. 17th, 2009 01:12 pm
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- 6 Natural Colors.
- Textures by chokelate.
- Mesh by Yu included.
- Toddler to Elder (Grey included on black file)
- Linked, binned and compressed.


- Enjoy! :)
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From [ profile] prescilla_bean :

I've taken this test three times already, hoping that the system requirements would change the closer we got to the release date. With just one month away, I'm afraid they won't change now.

I confess that hearing about this new game makes me a bit sad, because everyone will move on to the Sims 3 and things will change a lot. There's people who even plan to delete everything related to the Sims 2 as soon as they buy the new game. I'll miss the community :(.

Is anyone else also sticking with the Sims 2 for now?


In other news, we're having a good time away from the city. Not that we're doing anything exciting, but we're glad to be able to sit outside, enjoy the sun and talk without worries (or wearing masks!). We still take some measures to protect ourselves, like being very careful with our hygiene.

I hope you're all having a nice weekend! :)


May. 1st, 2009 08:22 am
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I'm leaving town right now. Seems like the media finally convinced my parents that "we're all going to die" and their paranoia levels are so high at the moment that the only way they'll stay calm is if we leave this place.

Not that there's much to do here anymore, considering the huge shutdown began today.

We're going to a town nearby, in the middle of nowhere. So I'll have no access to the Internet, TV, radio, etc. I'll probably check my f-list when I visit some relatives this afternoon, but other than that I won't be available at all.

So in short, we're all fine and healthy. I'm looking forward to being able to be outside, to be honest.

I'll be back on Sunday night. I'm taking my laptop with me, so perhaps I'll have a surprise ready by then ^^.

(Yeah, we're also taking the masks and the 10000 cleaning supplies, just in case)

Take care and have fun!

(And don't fight too much tonight when the two secrets communities post their entries!)
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MEXICO CITY – Mexico took even more drastic action to squelch a swine flu epidemic, ordering a suspension of private business activity and nonessential federal government activities, as the World Health Organization ratcheted up an alert, warning that "all of humanity" is threatened.

In a televised address, Mexican President Felipe Calderon praised "the heroic work" of doctors and nurses and asked his countrymen to literally stay in their homes between May 1 and May 5, saying "there is no safer place to protect yourself against catching swine flu, than in your house."

"In recent days, Mexico has faced one of the most serious problems in recent years," Calderon said Wednesday night. He brushed aside criticisms that his government's response was slow, stressing several times that authorities had reacted "immediately."

School in Mexico has already been canceled until May 6. During the shutdown, essential services like transport, supermarkets, trash collection and hospitals will remain open.

Calderon said authorities would use the partial shutdown to weigh whether to extend the emergency measures, or "if it is possible to phase out some" restrictions.

Considering what's been going on in the city during this week, this didn't surprise me. Most of us were actually expecting this shutdown. Now the question is whether it'll last until May 5th, or if it'll be prolonged for more days. Will schools be reopened on May 6th? I really don't know, because the Secretary of Education said they can't go back to work until every school in the city (at least) has enough resources to clean the students hands every hour.

Even if I go back to work next Wednesday, I suspect activities will be restricted to just the mere academic ones inside the classroom. We'll probably have to wear the masks at all times (how am I going to convince my kid to keep his on?) and we'll barely do anything because cleaning the hands of 25 five-year-olds every hour will take forever.

*Sighs* April 30th is our National "Children's Day", where we celebrate both the current kids and the ones that still reside within ourselves :D. Sadly, this year the celebrations will take place inside our homes. We were originally going to have a picnic and a "water party" at school, but that's a plan long gone.

Although I was feeling restless inside my house the past couple of days, I'm now feeling better. Perhaps I'm getting used to this situation. You'd laugh at the amount of cleaning supplies we have at our entry: clorox wipes, alcohol in gel, lysol and, of course, the face mask for the few times we've left home to go to the supermarket. Everytime we come back home, we wash our hands, rub them with the alcohol and clean the door with a wipe (we also take them with us to clean the shopping cart too). I feel like Howard Hughes :S.

And I hate wearing the stupid mask. I feel silly (even if everyone else is wearing one too) and paranoid, and it's so hot right now that it makes it harder to breathe. I've seen around communities like ONDT that some people are now photoshopping masks to their LJ icons (sort of like they did with the grey hat when Obama became president).

I'm sorry, it's probably because I'm in a bad mood right now, but that kind of mocking pisses me off so much that I refuse to look at those communities anymore :/.

And that's my current life, in a nutshell. Gotta work on my story update right now.

Take care.
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"... This city of 20 million people has shut itself in as authorities try to prevent the epidemic from spreading. But with no schools, no movie theaters and no cafes to while away the hours, many are already going stir crazy.

On Tuesday, officials banned Mexico City's 25,000 restaurants from serving customers — takeout is still OK — and closed gyms, swimming pools and pool halls. Already, night clubs, museums, zoos and movie theaters had been off-limits. And schools have been closed nationwide until at least May 6...

... Outside, the overcrowded city has become almost spacious. Traffic flows easily down broad avenues and normally crowded squares are crisscrossed by the occasional pedestrian.

Even one of the city's main produce market, La Merced, has emptied. Normally, thousands of sweaty bodies jostle against one another among the towering mounds of jalapenos, mangos and squash blossoms. On Tuesday there was hardly a soul, save produce sellers and the occasional health worker taping up posters warning people to steer clear of crowds."

- From this article on Yahoo.

*Sighs* :(

Right now, the only places that are still open are some office buildings, banks and grocery stores, but for how long?

This city is slowly turning into a ghost town with each passing day.

I'm upset.


By the way, I've just re-uploaded all the files I had on my account to a new esnips folder, following [ profile] dragancaor 's suggestion. My files are supposed to go back online on Friday, but it doesn't hurt to have a back up.

You can find all my stuff here (it's a public folder).
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So here I am, reporting live from my room on this fourth (or fifth?) day of domiciliary arrest due to the swine flue virus. According to my neighbor, some people around the block are beginning to go insane from boredom and stress, so the most important thing is to remain calm and to not obsess with the situation.

Therefore, my televisor and radio are grounded until further notice, because obviously every single TV show and radio program in the country is dedicated to what else? The swine flu. It's tiring, really.

So far, no flu symptoms for me! I think that means I'm officially safe from the virus for now. As long as I follow the prevention measures that the media keeps drilling into our minds all day long, I'll be fine.

Nothing else to report, so let's change the topic.

I made some hair re-textures. Yay, boredom! One for males and one for females:

- Hair textures by [ profile] chokelate.
- Bandana textures by squidfingers.
- Child to Elder.
- Five Natural Recolors (Grey included in the black file)
- Familiarized, compressed and binned.
- Mesh by Rose Sims included.


And a Newsea male hair under the cut... )
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I still need to furnish and decorate 6 spaces, but I could say that the mall is currently 60% finished. When I'm stressed, I become anal. And when I'm anal, I want everything to match, so I even made a couple recolors to fit my "design" :P.

As you can see from this picture. I've changed a bit the original design of the mall to fit a couple of unexpected malfunctions that couldn't be fixed without the use -I suspect- of advanced building cheats that I ignore (hence why I refuse to build anything with a roof, because I've never been able to place one).

On the left there's a very small bus stop. I'm still deciding if I should build one with what I have in the games or leave that cute CC one. Anything to keep the size of this lot as small as possible!

More Mall Spam Under the Cut )

This is what I have so far. Some things will probably change as I work on this lot, but I expect to finish it during my house arrest :P.
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According to the local news, there were no damages from the earthquake we had at noon today. The worst was that some people fainted or felt ill from fear, but that was it.

We're fine at my place. We barely felt the earthquake, and we only noticed that it had happened when a police car passed by our door announcing that the "Danger had passed and to please go back to our homes to continue our house arrest".

The WHO has raised the pandemic alert from level 3 to level 4 in my country, but as far as I know, it doesn't imply a change in the situation for the citizens, just more awareness from the scientific community to develop either a vaccine or an accurate way to diagnose the swine flue as soon as possible. Honestly, the news say so many things all the time, with so many different versions that it is hard to keep up with them.

At home, we're fine. Just extremely bored, which makes us check the news yet again and increase our paranoia :P. I've just gotten an offer from some dormitories called "Dobie" at Austin, so I'm browsing through their website to see how they are. I was planning to go to Austin on May to check out some places to live, but with this situation I don't think they'd let me leave the country on the risk I might bring the virus to other places.

This is the part where I admit that a huge part of my fear came from the fact that before the announcement on Thursday night, and obviously ignoring this threat, I was all over the city with one of my siblings, doing some random errands. We were in the public transportation, walked up and down some bridges to cross the avenues, walked by some construction sites (they are building a new highway to commemorate the Bicentenary of our Independence on 2010), in particular where they installed the latrines (you can imagine the odor).

In short, I was exposed to a lot of risky places on Thursday, so there was (still is) a chance I caught the swine flu and I'd be carrying it at the moment. As the days have gone by, the fear has decreased, because according to the news, the flu symptoms develop three or four days after initial contact. Today's the fourth day, so if by tomorrow I have not suddenly developed a cold or fever, that'll mean I'm safe. *crosses fingers*

I'd also been playing a bit. I'm working on the mall I mentioned the other day and I have some preview pictures, but those will be posted in another entry. In a minute :P.