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It's been a while since I last participated in one of these dares, but I wasn't able to finish my version of the Beaker's lot on time and I don't think I could handle another project like an asylum challenge at the moment.

So... it's makeover time! Again!

This time, we had to give a makeover to the Summerdream family from Veronaville (aka the elf/fairy family with a silly love for black lipstick and the most annoying house ever designed).

Because they are supposed to be fairies, I decided to follow that path for my entry. It took me a while to find the right custom content, and I actually had to spend an hour sorting through Saphire Sims, by far the most complicated sim site I've ever found (between the odd/random categories and the thousands of blinking pics on each creator's signatures, it is easy to get lost in there).

I also tried to keep their original genes intact (aka same skin, hair and eye colours) and I think I succeeded, expect in the case of Puck (but there's a reason for that as you'll soon see).

Anyway, here are the pictures:

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So here's my take on [ profile] maxis_taste 's third challenge. This time, we had to give two makeovers to a well-known Pleasantview townie (September is Pleasantview's month at the community). One of those makeovers had to improve its looks, while the other one had to make them look worse.

We had the choice between Sandy Bruty and Goopy Gilscarbo, whose awful fashion sense is recognized around the Sims community ;). In my case, I decided to do the challenge with both of them.

And here are the pictures! )
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All right, here's my second submission for the [ profile] maxis_taste Dare #2. Silly me assumed I could use Maxis townies instead of the PLAYABLE sims required for this challenge.

So, here I go again! :D

Just a warning, though, for this submission is related to the Broke Legacy. This is a HUGE teaser about what's coming up in a few updates, because it takes place twenty years after the tragic events at Takemizu Village. I was eager to try a few things I recently downloaded from MTS2 in order to include them in the storyline, hence this little story.

So, BEWARE TEH EVIL SPOILERS!!!! (Though if you haven't read the Legacy yet you are safe for now ;) ).

Trapped in the Middle of Nowhere (20 years later) )
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I've just joined the [ profile] maxis_taste community, which focuses of course on the pre-made Maxis sims. There are also a few challenges for the members, and I wanted to try the second one, because it seemed quick and easy to do.

The challenge consisted in giving a makeover to up to three pre-made Maxis sims. Of course, I have a couple pics in my hard drive, but those are massive spoilers for what's coming up, so I decided instead in featuring in two well known Pleasantview townies.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to re-create a good background for them, so for now you could consider these pictures are "pre-production" designs for the Studio City's summer blockbuster: Go Gerbitz! The Musical :D.

And let's meet the stars of the movie! (8 Pictures) )

In other news, I updated my Download a Broke Page with Monica and Bianca Broke.

And Mexico just won another gold medal in Tae Kwon Do! Wooo! :)

See you next time!

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