Apr. 24th, 2009


Apr. 24th, 2009 06:56 am
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Last night, the President and the Health Secretary of my country ordered to suspend all classes in my city, from preeschool to University, both public and private schools:

«From the news»
Mexican authorities on Friday closed all schools in the capital and central Mexico as the WHO announced hundreds of human cases of swine flu in the country, including 57 suspected deaths.

The outbreak has killed at least 20 people in the past month, Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said in announcing the school closures.

"This afternoon, the epidemic was confirmed by Canadian and US labs to be a new influenza virus," Cordova said in a televised statement late Thursday in which he urged people to avoid large crowds, shaking hands, kissing people as a greeting, or even using the subway.

So, here I am, not working today. My sisters are also staying home because classes at both her Universities were suspended too. We're all fine, don't worry. And I've just talked with my student's mother and he's all right too.

Oh well, I'll get to spend this unexpected lock up working on my update. More exactly, a very evil and long teaser that's coming up today :).

P.S. I'm extremely thankful for your support regarding my last entry. Now that I have expressed this decision, I can focus on giving the Brokes my full attention until the time I'll let them go. :)

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