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No, seriously, that's the only thing we're missing around here.

On top the insanity that's taking place in Mexico City thanks to the swine flu epidemic, we've just had a 6.0 earthquake.

And it's just been announced that all the schools in the country will be closed until further notice. All the cinemas have been closed too.

When is this non-sense going to end? :(
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"MEXICO CITY – Churches stood empty Sunday in heavily Roman Catholic Mexico City after services were canceled, and health workers screened airports and bus stations for people sickened by a new strain of swine flu that experts fear could become a global epidemic.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrardo said two more people died of swine flu overnight in the overcrowded capital, and three other deaths are suspected to have been caused by the strain. Another 73 more people were hospitalized with influenza, possible swine flu.

City Health Secretary Armando Ahued said most of the fatalities involve victims who only sought medical help after the disease was well advanced and urged people to seek urgent care

President Felipe Calderon has assumed new powers to isolate people infected with the deadly swine flu strain that health officials say has killed up to 86 people and likely sickened about 1,400 in the country since April 13.

According to a televised message from our President, which was transmitted just a few minutes ago, the officials are still discussing if they are going to also close down public transportation or flat out stop all the economic activities in the city. It all depends on the evolution of the swine flu epidemic in the next 72 hrs (<-- I'm pretty sure this sentence is made of grammar fail, but today's one of those days when my English just plain sucks).

It was confirmed last night that schools and Universities will remain closed until May 6th.

The good news is that a. This disease is curable if it's diagnosed on time (what the media is not telling is that from the 1384 confirmed cases in México, 924 have been released from the hospital) and b. There are drugs to attack it in my country (in particular the Tamiflu).

But this is still a very serious issue and that's why they are being so strict with all the closures, to prevent things from getting out of control.

As for me, things are still the same around here. My parents arrived last night from a long trip out of my country and were pretty worried about us, because the international media was being a a tad pessimistic about our situation. I don't blame them, the city feels eerie and it lacks its usual noise because the streets are deserted. This silence is distracting, to say the least.
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Thanks for the good vibes and wishes, everyone :). Things are still a bit tense right now, and according to the news, we shall have a confirmation on when will the schools be reopened or, in the worst case scenario, if there'll be an official quarantine in the city.

For now, I went to the market as early as possible (to avoid crowds) and bought enough canned food, water and vitamin C supplements in case something bad happens (but we're trying to remain positive). I also got some antibacterial gel (which is worthless since this is a virus, but it's good to have anyway) and surgical masks from a dental store, so we can wear them if we go outside.

So for now we're set for the following week, and we'll just hope this menace will fade away as soon as possible (and if possible, it'll remain here instead of propagating around the world, as the experts fear). None of us are experiencing any of the swine flue symptoms yet, and I pray things will remain that way.

I guess I shall spend the next few days finding creative ways to not go insane during this forced lock up. Well, at least my sisters are in the same situation, so we'll have time to catch up (there are days in which we barely have time to chat!), read, do more planning for my upcoming move and mastering the Guitar Heroes game. I'll also try to finish Pokémon Pearl, because thanks to the new Platinum game, the kids at my work are obsessed big time and since I'm still stuck in 1998 regarding these games, I need to catch up on the 400 Pokémons I don't know yet :P.

So, I'm still worried, but now that we've taken some preventive measures I feel a lot safer.

And as a way to pass time while I listen to the news during this long, long and boring day, here's a new hair retexture:

New XM Hair for girls under the cut )

Locked up

Apr. 25th, 2009 06:45 am
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MEXICO CITY – The schools and museums are closed. Sold-out games between Mexico's most popular soccer teams are being played in empty stadiums. Health workers are ordering sickly passengers off subways and buses. And while bars and nightclubs filled up as usual, even some teenagers were dancing with surgical masks on.

Across this overcrowded capital of 20 million people, Mexicans are reacting with fatalism and confusion, anger and mounting fear at the idea that their city may be ground zero for a global epidemic of a new kind of flu — a strange mix of human, pig and bird viruses that has epidemiologists deeply concerned.

And it's just being announced that schools will be closed at least a week.

That means, no work for at least a week for me :(. And according to the news, they are still evaluating if they will eventually declare a full quarantine in the city.

There are no more masks available on stores. We don't have masks, so we're going to search for some today because it's being advised to not leave home without them.

I won't lie to you, I'm also scared :(


Apr. 24th, 2009 06:56 am
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Last night, the President and the Health Secretary of my country ordered to suspend all classes in my city, from preeschool to University, both public and private schools:

«From the news»
Mexican authorities on Friday closed all schools in the capital and central Mexico as the WHO announced hundreds of human cases of swine flu in the country, including 57 suspected deaths.

The outbreak has killed at least 20 people in the past month, Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said in announcing the school closures.

"This afternoon, the epidemic was confirmed by Canadian and US labs to be a new influenza virus," Cordova said in a televised statement late Thursday in which he urged people to avoid large crowds, shaking hands, kissing people as a greeting, or even using the subway.

So, here I am, not working today. My sisters are also staying home because classes at both her Universities were suspended too. We're all fine, don't worry. And I've just talked with my student's mother and he's all right too.

Oh well, I'll get to spend this unexpected lock up working on my update. More exactly, a very evil and long teaser that's coming up today :).

P.S. I'm extremely thankful for your support regarding my last entry. Now that I have expressed this decision, I can focus on giving the Brokes my full attention until the time I'll let them go. :)
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I'm dreading posting this entry, despite being completely sure of what I have to say.

I've been pondering about this for the last couple of months, and I guess that stress and the load of work that has fallen over me during this week finally pushed me to make this decision "official".

The birth of Generation Six will mark the end of The Broke Legacy.

You've probably noticed that I've been pulling all the "big levers" throughout Generation Five, trying to close as many plots as possible. My original plan was to conclude Strangetown's story (because I was eventually running out of characters) and move on with another Neighborhood (in this case, Belladonna Cove and a bit of Veronaville for Gen 6).

But considering the huge changes that'll take place in my life in just a few months, I'm afraid I'll no longer have the time (nor the energy) to focus on a story as demanding as this one and I definitely do not want to end up abandoning it in the long term.

I, at least, owe my readers a proper conclusion for the Broke's adventures.

I'm aiming to finish this story before I move to Texas in August, but knowing me, it'll probably take a little bit longer. I've always known how I wanted to end the Legacy, so I guess I'll just move it from Gen 10 to Gen 6.

But it sure as heck won't be a rushed ending. I'm currently planning out how I want things to flow to that point, but I'll still let my sims guide the story, as I've always done.

Once I'm done with The Brokes, I'll still be around, of course. Having a hobby is healthy, after all, so I'll continue making my silly content and posting short stories now and then (some of them with the Twin Town characters).

And I'll most likely continue playing with my Legacy sims, but instead of registering everything they do as I've done until now, I'll post drabbles about their descendants if something funny or cute happens in my game.

So that's, in a nutshell, what I've planned for my loved hobby in the near future. This is not a flouncing post, and be sure that even if I stopped playing the Sims altogether, I'd still be around, for I enjoy being part of this community so much, and I'm thankful of what it has given me these last two years (new friends and my long-lost love to create stories).

- Simgaroop.
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I haven't been in the mood to post anything lately. Maybe it's the stress from all the Graduate School paperwork and things I need to do now (which seem 10 times more complicated when done from out of the US), but I've been in a very bad mood and get angry easily.

The good side is that this week I accepted the offer from the University of Texas at Austin. I was also accepted at the University of Georgia, but Austin was always my first choice. So, as for two days ago, I'm officially a student over there. I even got my student number. The bad side is that I have to embark in an endless oddissey of visa requirements, financial papers and who knows what else (plus looking for an apartment because everyone has told me that I'd have to be insane to move to a dorm as a graduate student), so my stomach is literally a knot right now.

Fortunately, I'm going back to work tomorrow, so I hope that the distraction of being with my little students will let me relax and improve my mood. I'm looking forward to that :) (my left hand, though, not so much. It's time to draw 1000000000 pokémons - "Reikazar" (sp? That's what the kids call it) in particular- a day again!

In the mean time, I've done some Sim deco as a distraction. It's currently in the moderation queue at ModTheSims 2 but what the heck, I'm impatient. So I'm gonna show it to my f-list for now.

These are all recolors of the "Stick em Up" Bulletin Board from the University EP. I recently learned how to extract literally all the textures from the game, so I went a bit crazy and ended with tons of little pics and bits that I then organized into these neat bulletin boards.

This is also a bonus for my sister, who's jealous of my PC and its ability to play SPs like Teen Style Stuff (As some of you may know, she's a Mac User). She liked the posters, so I dissected them and included some of their pictures on the boards, so now she can decorate her dorms with the teen stuff.

I also made some new decals and magazine recolors in this same fashion, but I don't have the pictures ready yet. And some books, recolors of a mesh from Aikea Guinea, that for some reason are not showing up. Oh well...

- Have a lovely night!
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I've discovered that building "themed lots" is extremely fun and relaxating. Right now, I'm working on a matching lot for Belladonna High, where the students and their families can hang out and do some specific shopping. I've just finished the "shell" of the mall (which will be one of those open air shopping centers), so now I'm gonna start furnishing and decorating the interiors.

So far, I've planned a hair salon, an H&M store (gotta make use of that stuff some time!), a bridal shop (story purposes), a fast food court and a cinema. But there's still some space left and too many ideas to fit in it. By the way, this is going to be a functional community lot, the kind you just place in any neighborhood and can send your sims to without need of someone owning it. I know there are some options that won't work unless a sim owns the business (like all the craftables and bakery), so if I set one of these stores, it'll work only as deco for pictures.

It's probably gonna be a bit heavier in CC than my earlier lots, because I want every store to be unique on the inside (and I've just found some neat maxis match store sets), but as always, I'll first try to furnish it with as much Maxis content as possible, then use recolors, then free custom content and just in case there's no free equivalent available, I'll use pay stuff.

So I need your input, please. If you were interested in downloading this lot, which of the following options would you prefer?

Poll and more wip pictures under the cut )

Thanks for your help!
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... since I last posted a picture teaser for my story :).

I was working on my new update and was doing great, but then there was a six hour blackout in my neighborhood. The energy has just came back, but I'm no longer in the mood to finish that scene. Well, there's tomorrow.

But in the mean time...

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Yup, here's a (very) late Easter present for you, considering it'll be over in 15 minutes (according to my timezone), so I'd better hurry :P.

For more of my hair re textures, please consult the master list here.
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The EAxis store has just released two new objects for infants that should have been part of Apartment Life but evidently they kept them out so they could charge the fans again later. The Awesome place already have them and obviously, I wanted to try them out as soon as possible :).

Problem is that none of my Brokes have infant children at the moment, and Gen 6 is still a little bit away (but it's coming soon... or so I hope!). So, I had to give the honor of trying these new toys to a different family.

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So I was looking at my downloads folder and realized I had 1.87 Gb of stuff in one of my subfolders.

And that's just my "objects folder"!!!

WTF?! No wonder my game takes forever to load lately.

So, in an abrupt movement, I deleted all my stuff. No more 80000 clutter files and a gazillion wall recolors I never use.

Good thing I was anal retentive enough to keep the CC for my two lots apart, otherwise they'd be completely screwed up now.

So now, I ask you, my fellow simmers who have managed to keep your downloads folder in a manageable, tiny size: Which are the basic buy and build stuff you have? I think I'll get some Holy Simoly stuff and a few recolors. And that's it, but I'm probably missing something.

So... which are your (Maxis Match, preferably) must haves?

When I'm done with that, I'm going to nuke my clothing folder. But the fact of having to play detective with all those meshes is a huge turn off. Meh, I'm lazy. I can live with the 1.70 Gb of clothes for now... :S
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(April 9th, 2009: Reposting this entry to my Livejournal account. No new Brokes... yet ;) ).

All of these Sims are adults, wearing an awesome Maxis Base game outfit.

Most of them have no custom content to make the downloading easier for those who are on dial-up connection. Check out my Resources page for a list of the sites where I got my CC from.

(If you still can't find a particular piece of CC, feel free to ask me).

You are free to do ANYTHING you want with these Sims. You can use them in stories, change their names, kill them, have them make tons of babies, give them all kind of makeovers, etc. No need to ask for permision, either (But I'd love a link if you upload pictures with them ^^).

In my opinion, Sims are shared to have fun with them! ^____^

Download a Broke )
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I like how this retexture came out so much that it's gotta have its own post :).

- 2 Sets of Retextures: Natural and "Out of this world".
- Textures by [ profile] chokelate, blended with a bit of the original ones from Nouk.
- Mesh by Nouk, part of the new SciFi aspiration set, included.
- Teen and adults only.
- Natural colors binned.
- Compressed, familiarized and all that jazz.

Previews and Download link under the cut )
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Tonight I'm sharing with you some updated versions of my very first recolors.

Although they weren't as bad as the Raon Male hairs I fixed the other days, I wasn't fond of their large textures and odd recolors (the black in particular looked like flood fill). Now that I finally learned to recolor and resize the textures as needed, the look much better now.

Included in this batch are also some cut and copy paste jobs of past re textures for males, but on female meshes. Well, in the case of the Raon 18 for girls, I just did the C&P, because the textures used were the ones by Ninika for the original mesh.

Finally, a retexture of a super cute mesh for little girls I've always liked.

I'll post the rest of my stuff tomorrow. I still need to work on the preview pictures.

- Have a good night!

- Five Natural Colours (Platinum not pictured).
- Textures by chokelate.
- Mesh by Raon, converted to female by esperesa, included.
- Alpha Edit by Simenroute.
- Familiarized, Binned and Compressed.
- Grey included with the black color.
- All ages.


More Under the Cut )
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I did this last week, but I completely forgot to upload it :).

- 6 Natural Re Textures (Mostly [ profile] chokelate mixed with just a bit of the original ones). I was mostly experimenting with my reds and browns, hence the two extra options for this set.
- Mesh included (To avoid you the pain of downloading a huge set just for the mesh, and I'm mildly irritated because this site is now pay).
- All ages.
- Binned, familiarized and compressed.
- Gray included with the black file.

Download Newsea 20 for Males HERE

From now on, every time I upload a new re texture, I'll also update my Hair Re Textures and Recolors Master List, to keep all my files organized in a single post :).

- Enjoy!

P.S. I have two weeks off and I'm not going anywhere (I need to save for my masters studies). I need a distraction (personal issues beyond my control are making me anxious and a bit depressed lately), so I'm accepting requests for either re textures (if possible, considering my limited abilities) or re colors for any mesh you want during this time. Feel free to ask! :)
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It took much less than what I expected, so here's the SBC Institute ready for download.

I took down some Custom Content I considered superficial and replaced it with Maxis content. I also deleted all the recolors I used, so I suggest you to get the medical posters from Lethe_s (at MTS2) if you want the medical lab to look like the pictures from the last post. Also, for some reason, the Re-Nu-Yu Machine disappeared when I packaged the lot, so if you want to, you can replace it on the Engineering lab.

Other than that, the changes are barely noticeable. And contrary to what I suspected, it is only a couple MB heavier than Belladonna High :).

You can find the updated preview pictures and the download link at Garden of Shadows (I'm not re uploading the pics here because Photobucket is being annoying lately, so I better save the bandwith :S).

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Formerly known as the LBC Institute (because I'm silly and didn't check twice my notes before naming the institute), the SBC Institute is a very prestigious and powerful research facility whose influence has definitely left a mark around the world. The research and discoveries done during the last five generations have played a fundamental role in the development and history of the sim civilization, in particular at Strangetown, the town where it was founded.

You'll learn more about the SBC Institute, its history and founders, on the next story update. For now, I wanted to show you a few pics of the completed lot. This took me easily twice the time I spent building Belladonna Highschool, but I'm very happy with the results ^^.

I'm still figuring out if I'll share it or not, because it has more CC than Belladonna High (although I tried to keep with Maxis stuff as much as possible) and I'm not sure if you'd download a heavy lot like this or not. I want to be sure it'll be actually used before embarking in the task of writing down all the CC used and packaging it separately.

Anyway, let's take a quick tour through the SBC Institute, shall we?

The SBC Institute Exterior.
The small building at the front is the entrance, then you can see the crystal hexahedron in the center, which connects the Institute's three main buildings: The Visitor Center on the right, the researcher offices on the left and the laboratories on the back.

More Under the Cut )
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These are all still hosted on Insanejournal :)


- Multi PT Tutorial

- Empty Vs Clean Templates: How to Create a Custom Neighborhood. (The links in there need to be updated due to some recent changes on MATY, though)

- Mini-Tutorial: Upgrading a Pre-Free Time Sim using the Lot Debugger


- Resources Post (Note to self: Needs updating)
- Maxis Match Finds at [ profile] wcif_sims
- Bodyshop Finds
- Buy and Build Mode Finds
- Storytelling Finds at [ profile] wcif_sims



- Skintone Comparison pictures.