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According to the local news, there were no damages from the earthquake we had at noon today. The worst was that some people fainted or felt ill from fear, but that was it.

We're fine at my place. We barely felt the earthquake, and we only noticed that it had happened when a police car passed by our door announcing that the "Danger had passed and to please go back to our homes to continue our house arrest".

The WHO has raised the pandemic alert from level 3 to level 4 in my country, but as far as I know, it doesn't imply a change in the situation for the citizens, just more awareness from the scientific community to develop either a vaccine or an accurate way to diagnose the swine flue as soon as possible. Honestly, the news say so many things all the time, with so many different versions that it is hard to keep up with them.

At home, we're fine. Just extremely bored, which makes us check the news yet again and increase our paranoia :P. I've just gotten an offer from some dormitories called "Dobie" at Austin, so I'm browsing through their website to see how they are. I was planning to go to Austin on May to check out some places to live, but with this situation I don't think they'd let me leave the country on the risk I might bring the virus to other places.

This is the part where I admit that a huge part of my fear came from the fact that before the announcement on Thursday night, and obviously ignoring this threat, I was all over the city with one of my siblings, doing some random errands. We were in the public transportation, walked up and down some bridges to cross the avenues, walked by some construction sites (they are building a new highway to commemorate the Bicentenary of our Independence on 2010), in particular where they installed the latrines (you can imagine the odor).

In short, I was exposed to a lot of risky places on Thursday, so there was (still is) a chance I caught the swine flu and I'd be carrying it at the moment. As the days have gone by, the fear has decreased, because according to the news, the flu symptoms develop three or four days after initial contact. Today's the fourth day, so if by tomorrow I have not suddenly developed a cold or fever, that'll mean I'm safe. *crosses fingers*

I'd also been playing a bit. I'm working on the mall I mentioned the other day and I have some preview pictures, but those will be posted in another entry. In a minute :P.
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