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2009-05-30 08:19 am
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Am I fast or what?

In this entry you'll find 2 maxis match natural re textures of the following meshes:
- Peggy "Helmet" hair.
- Nouk's Jessica Hair.

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2009-05-28 11:49 pm
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Short hairs

This entry includes the following sets:

- Newsea 15 (Piggy) for males.
- Newsea 15 (Piggy) for females.
- Yuxi's MtF conversion of Raon's Male Mesh 13.

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2009-05-27 12:02 am
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6 more hair sets.

This entry includes the following sets:

1. New re-texture of Raon Male Mesh #13 (Improved and fixed).
2. Re-texture of Vetty's Messy Natural mesh.
3. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 14
4. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 2
5. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 17
6. New recolor set for Raon Male Mesh 19

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2009-05-25 07:25 am
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Three Maxis-Match Hair Re Textures for Males

In this entry you'll find three Maxis-Matchish retextures of the following meshes:

- Ephemera's Edit of the ShortnSweet conversion for males by Fanseelamb.
- Fantasyrogue's Late to the Party Mesh
- Raon 18 Alpha Edit by SER.

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2009-05-23 09:56 am
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Four Nouks and a Marko

Why yes, I'm very worried right now. Hence the insane amount of hairs I retextured last night to keep me away of an anxiety attack. Yesterday, I went to my relatives' place and I was on the verge of breaking down in tears when I saw my cousin :(.

Oh well, at least this distraction worked out and I was able to sleep (and you get MOAR hairs for your female simmies).

More Pictures, Details and Download Links under the Cut )
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2009-05-18 10:33 pm
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Newsea 22 Free Male Retextures

Surprisingly enough, Newsea released a free mesh for a change :P.

And here's my re texture (it's crazy how much I enjoy doing this). This time, I blended Neena's textures with the original ones from Newsea, since I've realized that when I retexture these meshes using just Neena's, the end result resembles more a helmet than the original hair. I guess these meshes also rely on hand painted textures like Raon's.

I liked how these came out very, very much :). I hope you like them too!

- 6 Natural Colors.
- Mesh by Newsea is included (to avoid you the pain of downloading the whole set from their site. Considering it is now a deliberate paysite, I'll no longer send you there for the meshes).
- Textures are a blend between the original ones from Newsea and Neena Needle's.
- All ages (Gray included with the black file, as always).
- Compressed, linked and binned with SimPe.
- I mixed up the name of the mesh, so the hairs will show up on CAS with the wrong tooltip (It'll read Newsea 35, but it is Newsea 22). Small annoyance that I'll fix as soon as possible.


P.S. First time crossposting through dreamwidth (hope it works!).
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2009-05-17 01:17 pm
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Messy Wavy

This was a request from [personal profile] simsinthecity, who was interested in the meshes from SimsConnection.

Some of these meshes were just edits of Maxis ones (therefore impossible to retexture) or were so old that suffered from some mapping issues (in particular, the textures tended to look huge and blurry once in game), but I hope I managed something decent enough with today's upload, a wavy re-texture of SC's Sophomore Year Mesh.

- 6 Natural Colors.
- Original wavy texture by chokelate, edited slightly by me.
- Mesh by Janna (SimsConnection) included.
- All ages (grey included with the black file).
- Binned, compressed and linked through SimPe.


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2009-05-17 01:15 pm
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- 6 Natural Colors
- Original Texture by chokelate (slightly edited by me).
- Mesh by Yagi included, fixed by fantasyrogue :)
- Teen to Elder (Grey included with black file)
- Compressed, binned, linked and all that jazz.

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2009-05-17 01:13 pm
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Belladonna Mall

Belladonna Mall (Version 2) is a 3x3 community lot, with just the right size for all of us whose computers can't handle big lots like the monster I spent weeks building, and which I sadly had to delete. I'm surprised that this second try only took me a day, but that could be because I already knew the layout of all the stores by heart, so I didn't waste time downloading, recoloring and choosing what content to use.

It's also quite lighter than my other lots. Just 8 MB of custom content (Maxis recolors and a few clutter items mostly) all neatly sorted in a separate folder. Remember to place the folder in your Download's folder BEFORE you install the lot.

(I also made sure I included the required files for the Asian Fusion stuff, so there shouldn't be blue items this time)

Required mod: Lord Darcy's More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture. Thanks to this fix by Lord Darcy I didn't need to add a million magisplay trays to decorate the stores. If you don't have (or don't want to) install this mod, the lot will still work, but you'll probably find some clutter items on the floor the first time you load it.

Although seriously, you want this mod in your game. I love it to pieces! :)


Belladonna Mall
3x3 Community Lot
Fully Furnished (90% Maxis stuff)
- Karaoke Bar w/ Tea Room.
- Cinema.
- Food Court.
- Mini Market.
- Coffee Shop.
- Bridal Shop.
- Magic Shop.
- H&M Store.
- Hair Salon.
- Playground.
Play tested with my the games' highest settings on with no issues nor crashing.
Requires all the EPs up to Apartment Life and most of the SPs (FFS and GS are not required)

(I'll build the missing stores from the other mall aka the Bowling alley, music store and so on on a separate, complementary lot later)

EDIT: Silly me forgot these recolors:
- Fantasyrogue's Supermarket Signs
- Food Menu Set
Download and install this these (WTF, grammar fail) before installing the lot!
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2009-05-17 01:12 pm
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Yu #19

- 6 Natural Colors.
- Textures by chokelate.
- Mesh by Yu included.
- Toddler to Elder (Grey included on black file)
- Linked, binned and compressed.


- Enjoy! :)
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2009-04-28 01:37 pm
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*Marks another line on the wall*

So here I am, reporting live from my room on this fourth (or fifth?) day of domiciliary arrest due to the swine flue virus. According to my neighbor, some people around the block are beginning to go insane from boredom and stress, so the most important thing is to remain calm and to not obsess with the situation.

Therefore, my televisor and radio are grounded until further notice, because obviously every single TV show and radio program in the country is dedicated to what else? The swine flu. It's tiring, really.

So far, no flu symptoms for me! I think that means I'm officially safe from the virus for now. As long as I follow the prevention measures that the media keeps drilling into our minds all day long, I'll be fine.

Nothing else to report, so let's change the topic.

I made some hair re-textures. Yay, boredom! One for males and one for females:

- Hair textures by [ profile] chokelate.
- Bandana textures by squidfingers.
- Child to Elder.
- Five Natural Recolors (Grey included in the black file)
- Familiarized, compressed and binned.
- Mesh by Rose Sims included.


And a Newsea male hair under the cut... )
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2009-04-25 06:12 pm

Update and one hair retexture

Thanks for the good vibes and wishes, everyone :). Things are still a bit tense right now, and according to the news, we shall have a confirmation on when will the schools be reopened or, in the worst case scenario, if there'll be an official quarantine in the city.

For now, I went to the market as early as possible (to avoid crowds) and bought enough canned food, water and vitamin C supplements in case something bad happens (but we're trying to remain positive). I also got some antibacterial gel (which is worthless since this is a virus, but it's good to have anyway) and surgical masks from a dental store, so we can wear them if we go outside.

So for now we're set for the following week, and we'll just hope this menace will fade away as soon as possible (and if possible, it'll remain here instead of propagating around the world, as the experts fear). None of us are experiencing any of the swine flue symptoms yet, and I pray things will remain that way.

I guess I shall spend the next few days finding creative ways to not go insane during this forced lock up. Well, at least my sisters are in the same situation, so we'll have time to catch up (there are days in which we barely have time to chat!), read, do more planning for my upcoming move and mastering the Guitar Heroes game. I'll also try to finish Pokémon Pearl, because thanks to the new Platinum game, the kids at my work are obsessed big time and since I'm still stuck in 1998 regarding these games, I need to catch up on the 400 Pokémons I don't know yet :P.

So, I'm still worried, but now that we've taken some preventive measures I feel a lot safer.

And as a way to pass time while I listen to the news during this long, long and boring day, here's a new hair retexture:

New XM Hair for girls under the cut )
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2009-04-19 08:07 pm

15 New Bulletin Boards For Your Sims

I haven't been in the mood to post anything lately. Maybe it's the stress from all the Graduate School paperwork and things I need to do now (which seem 10 times more complicated when done from out of the US), but I've been in a very bad mood and get angry easily.

The good side is that this week I accepted the offer from the University of Texas at Austin. I was also accepted at the University of Georgia, but Austin was always my first choice. So, as for two days ago, I'm officially a student over there. I even got my student number. The bad side is that I have to embark in an endless oddissey of visa requirements, financial papers and who knows what else (plus looking for an apartment because everyone has told me that I'd have to be insane to move to a dorm as a graduate student), so my stomach is literally a knot right now.

Fortunately, I'm going back to work tomorrow, so I hope that the distraction of being with my little students will let me relax and improve my mood. I'm looking forward to that :) (my left hand, though, not so much. It's time to draw 1000000000 pokémons - "Reikazar" (sp? That's what the kids call it) in particular- a day again!

In the mean time, I've done some Sim deco as a distraction. It's currently in the moderation queue at ModTheSims 2 but what the heck, I'm impatient. So I'm gonna show it to my f-list for now.

These are all recolors of the "Stick em Up" Bulletin Board from the University EP. I recently learned how to extract literally all the textures from the game, so I went a bit crazy and ended with tons of little pics and bits that I then organized into these neat bulletin boards.

This is also a bonus for my sister, who's jealous of my PC and its ability to play SPs like Teen Style Stuff (As some of you may know, she's a Mac User). She liked the posters, so I dissected them and included some of their pictures on the boards, so now she can decorate her dorms with the teen stuff.

I also made some new decals and magazine recolors in this same fashion, but I don't have the pictures ready yet. And some books, recolors of a mesh from Aikea Guinea, that for some reason are not showing up. Oh well...

- Have a lovely night!
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2009-04-12 11:28 pm
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Three Easter Presents

Yup, here's a (very) late Easter present for you, considering it'll be over in 15 minutes (according to my timezone), so I'd better hurry :P.

For more of my hair re textures, please consult the master list here.
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2009-04-09 10:57 am
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Download a Broke

(April 9th, 2009: Reposting this entry to my Livejournal account. No new Brokes... yet ;) ).

All of these Sims are adults, wearing an awesome Maxis Base game outfit.

Most of them have no custom content to make the downloading easier for those who are on dial-up connection. Check out my Resources page for a list of the sites where I got my CC from.

(If you still can't find a particular piece of CC, feel free to ask me).

You are free to do ANYTHING you want with these Sims. You can use them in stories, change their names, kill them, have them make tons of babies, give them all kind of makeovers, etc. No need to ask for permision, either (But I'd love a link if you upload pictures with them ^^).

In my opinion, Sims are shared to have fun with them! ^____^

Download a Broke )
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2009-04-07 07:47 pm
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Sci Fi: Hair for your alien sims!

I like how this retexture came out so much that it's gotta have its own post :).

- 2 Sets of Retextures: Natural and "Out of this world".
- Textures by [ profile] chokelate, blended with a bit of the original ones from Nouk.
- Mesh by Nouk, part of the new SciFi aspiration set, included.
- Teen and adults only.
- Natural colors binned.
- Compressed, familiarized and all that jazz.

Previews and Download link under the cut )
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2009-04-06 10:14 pm
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Five Fixes and Gender Conversions for the Female Sims

Tonight I'm sharing with you some updated versions of my very first recolors.

Although they weren't as bad as the Raon Male hairs I fixed the other days, I wasn't fond of their large textures and odd recolors (the black in particular looked like flood fill). Now that I finally learned to recolor and resize the textures as needed, the look much better now.

Included in this batch are also some cut and copy paste jobs of past re textures for males, but on female meshes. Well, in the case of the Raon 18 for girls, I just did the C&P, because the textures used were the ones by Ninika for the original mesh.

Finally, a retexture of a super cute mesh for little girls I've always liked.

I'll post the rest of my stuff tomorrow. I still need to work on the preview pictures.

- Have a good night!

- Five Natural Colours (Platinum not pictured).
- Textures by chokelate.
- Mesh by Raon, converted to female by esperesa, included.
- Alpha Edit by Simenroute.
- Familiarized, Binned and Compressed.
- Grey included with the black color.
- All ages.


More Under the Cut )
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2009-04-05 10:01 pm
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Newsea Male Hair 20

I did this last week, but I completely forgot to upload it :).

- 6 Natural Re Textures (Mostly [ profile] chokelate mixed with just a bit of the original ones). I was mostly experimenting with my reds and browns, hence the two extra options for this set.
- Mesh included (To avoid you the pain of downloading a huge set just for the mesh, and I'm mildly irritated because this site is now pay).
- All ages.
- Binned, familiarized and compressed.
- Gray included with the black file.

Download Newsea 20 for Males HERE

From now on, every time I upload a new re texture, I'll also update my Hair Re Textures and Recolors Master List, to keep all my files organized in a single post :).

- Enjoy!

P.S. I have two weeks off and I'm not going anywhere (I need to save for my masters studies). I need a distraction (personal issues beyond my control are making me anxious and a bit depressed lately), so I'm accepting requests for either re textures (if possible, considering my limited abilities) or re colors for any mesh you want during this time. Feel free to ask! :)
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2009-04-05 04:40 pm
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Download: The SBC Institute

It took much less than what I expected, so here's the SBC Institute ready for download.

I took down some Custom Content I considered superficial and replaced it with Maxis content. I also deleted all the recolors I used, so I suggest you to get the medical posters from Lethe_s (at MTS2) if you want the medical lab to look like the pictures from the last post. Also, for some reason, the Re-Nu-Yu Machine disappeared when I packaged the lot, so if you want to, you can replace it on the Engineering lab.

Other than that, the changes are barely noticeable. And contrary to what I suspected, it is only a couple MB heavier than Belladonna High :).

You can find the updated preview pictures and the download link at Garden of Shadows (I'm not re uploading the pics here because Photobucket is being annoying lately, so I better save the bandwith :S).