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These are all still hosted on Insanejournal :)


- Multi PT Tutorial

- Empty Vs Clean Templates: How to Create a Custom Neighborhood. (The links in there need to be updated due to some recent changes on MATY, though)

- Mini-Tutorial: Upgrading a Pre-Free Time Sim using the Lot Debugger


- Resources Post (Note to self: Needs updating)
- Maxis Match Finds at [ profile] wcif_sims
- Bodyshop Finds
- Buy and Build Mode Finds
- Storytelling Finds at [ profile] wcif_sims



- Skintone Comparison pictures.
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This is a very small "Day of the Dead" story I'm offering as my treat for those of you who are celebrating Halloween tonight. It is not related at all with the Broke Legacy, so don't worry about spoilers :).

The Road Back Home (62 pictures + 2 small treats for my readers) )
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I'm pretty sure this is the most stupid thing I've ever written, but I had so much fun I'm eager to do it again in the near future.

If you've been following the fourth and fifth generation of the Broke Legacy, you already know about Tim's show business career, from his beginnings as a teen comedian to the film that made him a "movie star" a few years later.

That movie is "ARR! The Search of the Hidden Booty", a pirate movie about the incredible adventures of an ex-hacker, Salomon Bridges and his best friend, Dr. Lily Jones, as they search for the hidden "booty": A treasure of custom content files stolen by the evil pirate, Captain Tobias Greed.

I was planning to make a short spin-off story for this movie, but that would take me a long time and I'm already too busy with my job (of course) and my two stories to start yet another project. So, I settled for a silly trailer, open enough to let you imagine your own version of the Arr! Movie.

This has no relation to the Broke Legacy (besides the identity of the main actor), so anyone can read this without risk of spoilers.

I hope you enjoy it ^^.

ARR! The Search for the Hidden Booty Trailer: 56 pics + 6 movie posters )

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