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Also known as: EA/Maxis can't keep with their canon time line regarding the pre made characters.

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon this page. It contains the descriptions of the premade families of Sunset Valley, the neighborhood that will ship with the Sims 3.

(Keep in mind that wikis are not 100% reliable, but this one includes official pictures, so there might be some truth behind these descriptions).

You know, I really needed this laugh. I spent a while reading the character bios and found some contradictions so absurd that I just had to point them out here. So...

(I'm going to quote some parts of the wiki during this entry, BTW)

"Sunset Valley is Pleasantview before the original in The Sims, in which the neighborhood was named Old Town. The Goth Family will be there as their younger selves, presumably, Mortimer as a child with his parents, as well as many other familiar families, including the Bachelor Family and the Pleasant Family."

I don't get why the constant name changing for the town :P.

New families

So far the new families are:

The Alto Family
Simply described as "Nouveau Riche and Evil." Their family name may be a pun on the television series "The Sopranos." They seem to have a rivalry with the Landgraab Family. Their teenage daughter Ginia Alto is dating Brad Burb.

LOL. Brad Burb is John Burb's Dad (and Lucy's grandfather). Ginia Alto is described in her specific entry as the future Ginia Kat (so I guess her romance with Brad didn't last) and mother of Tara Kat from Pets (yes, the cat lovers).

Gotta love the rivalry with the Landgraabs too.

The Hart Family
They appear to be a normal family...well except the fact that both the mother and father have the insane trait. Their, daughter Bebe Hart is just trying to be a normal teenager in this chaotic family.

I predict lots of angsty sim stories about Bebe's struggles with her parents. Just saying...

The Jones/Pintoo Family
Consists of Chris Jones, her parents and her siblings.

Chris Jones was a character from the Sims 1. She had a roommate, Melissa Smith, and that was the very first lot I played a million years ago.

The Smith/Sanchez Family
Widow Michelle Sanchez is trying to raise her child granddaughter Melissa Smith after her daughter Erica and her husband's tragic death. Will she raise a happy, successful young girl or will Melissa always be a misfit?

I'm getting a slight Ophelia Nigmos vibe with Melissa's story (except for the misfit part). Melissa, as I said above, is also a character from the Sims 1.

The Keaton Family
Try to keep up the sporty Keatons. Mrs. Keaton is a police officer but her husband's career is unknown.

ORLY? I wonder what job he might have? ;)

The Ursine Family
Claire Ursine is a single lady who lives alone and loves to fish. She might seem like a normal woman, but it turns out she's Pregnant (the father is unknown) and she has a job in the Criminal Career!!!

I wonder if EA/Maxis might increase the OMG!drama of Claire Ursine by making "Mr. Keaton" the baby's father. They are probably work colleagues, after all.

The Wolff Family
A newly married couple living along the beach. It seems like they have the perfect life, but it turns out they rushed into their marriage to quickly before finding out that Thornton Wolff is against fatherhood, while Morgana Wolff wants to have as many children as possible.

And this, my friends, is what happens when a former called Family sim marries a Romance sim. Are there aspirations on the Sims 3?

The Zavarez Family
Rosemarie Zavarez is a grumpy old lady and the sister of Tamina Zavarez. When you first play the game, a baby is left on her doorstep...

Now this family looks interesting. Rosemarie Zavarez is the aunt of Kaylinn Langerak, so that unknown baby boy will be her cousin too. Hmmm... and this lot is also described as hard to play.


Returning families

Families returning from the Sims 1 & Sims 2 nearly 50 years earlier are:

The Bachelor Family
Jocasta Bachelor is dealing with her husband Simis's recent death while pregnant with her son Michael Bachelor and taking care of her child daughter Bella Bachelor.

OK Maxis, WTF?! On the Sims 2, Dina is a widower because her husband Michael has died of old age, yet Mortimer (and Bella in a sense) are still around. How the heck is this possible if he's now the younger sibling? :P

The Broke Family
Flat and Flo Broke live apart as Flat is a child living with his father, his mother died soon after his birth. Flo is the 5th toddler in the Taking Candy Trailer. They are the future parents of Skip Broke who was married to Brandi Broke.

I had to read this description twice because at first I thought they were implying they were siblings >_<. It seems that Brokes really are cursed, don't you agree?

The Buckingham Family
will appear with Blair Buckingham, his wife Virginia Buckingham, and the child Margaret Buckingham. Blair is having an affair with the maid Tamina Zavarez.

The Buckinghams are Malcom Laandgrab's IV maternal family (Margaret is his mother).
Tamina is, of course, Kaylinn's mother. Like mother, like daughter.

The Burb Family
The Burb Family recently moved to Sunset Valley to get away from hectic city life. It consists of Benjamin Burb, his wife Susan Burb, and their teenage son Brad Burb. Even though they just got here, Brad is already dating Ginia Alto! But is she the right girl for him or a mistake?

I wonder how will that story end?! ;P

The Crumplebottom Family
Agnes Crumplebottom better known as Mrs. Crumplebottom as her younger self, and her dead husband Robert Crumplebottom featured as a Ghost (see Ghosts).

Now if what I've read about ghosts being able to woo hoo and have babies is true, I call bullshit on Agne's strict shenanigans at Downtown!

The Crumplebottom, Sr
Prudence Crumplebottom is the mother of Cornelia Goth and Agnes Crumplebottom and grandmother of Mortimer Goth. She'll appear in the family bin. So it would be wise to move her in with Agnes Crumplebottom or Cornelia's family.

Yeah, yeah, let's move on...

The Dreamer Family
The Dreamer Family consists of Davis Dreamer and Delilah Dreamer pregnant. Dacia Dreamer will die 2 days before Darren's birth.

That'd make Darren at least 50 years old on The Sims 2.

The Goth Family
The Goth Family are the founders of Sunset Valley and are very wealthy. Since this is way before The Sims 2, Gunther Goth and his wife Cornelia are adults, with Mortimer Goth as a child. (Mortimer Goth seems to have a crush on Bella.)

Awwwww! <3

By the way, there's a tiny love triangle with Mortimer going on, but I'm reserving that bit of info 'till the end.

The Landgraab Family
Live the good life with the Landgraabs as long as your name isn't name Alto. Consists of Malcolm Landgraab II , Marion Landgraab, and their child son Malcolm Landgraab III.

I suspect there'll be much newspaper stealing and trashcan kicking going on between these families, just like the Monty and the Capps.

The Lothario Family
Mama Lothario is a widow. Her husband recently died and she's a hopeless romantic and is flirty. She's pregnant but knows she can't abandon her baby. She'll live in a dirty house.

I had this one wrong. She's the GRANDMOTHER of Don Lothario and not her mother as I thought.
Well, that's one WTF less for Maxis :).

The Marsh Family
The Marsh Family consists of William Marsh, Anastasia Marsh, and their teenage daughter Tiffany Marsh. Tiffany has a crush on Brad Burb, but he's dating Ginia Alto, so she's trying to break them up.

Considering the existence of both John and Lucy Burb, I guess she succeeded in the end. Keep this info in mind for the next description.

The Pleasant Family
will appear as Jeff Pleasant starting his military job, Diane Pleasant pregnant with Jennifer Burb and Daniel Pleasant as a toddler.

So, while John's parents are still teens (and they aren't even dating yet), Jennifer is already on her way. I guess there's a huge age difference between them!

The Newbie Family
Bob Newbie is a child, and constantly bored by Mags and Bob Newbie Sr., and often visits his friend Betty. The family live in a farm house by the hills.

Cute <3

(Bob is, of course, Brandi Broke's father and Beau's grandpa).

The Oldie Family
Herb Oldie and Coral Ruggbyrne recently moved in together, but aren't married yet.

Now, I wonder if Marysue will be part of the adoption pool or if any adopted child will be generated in real game time.

The Simovitch Family
Fatima and Vadim Simovitch are adults, fighting and bickering constantly about their marriage, since they both have the Hot-Headed trait. Betty is a child, and she is best friends with Bob Newbie.

I expect lots of fun with this family :P. They look like perfect material to begin a Legacy story.

and now, the biggest WTF:

The Langerak Family
Now you get to have Kaylynn Langerak as a playable child Sim. She actually comes from a wealthy family. She lives with her father Charles Langerak, her mother and maid Tamina Zavarez, her grandmother Prudence Langerak, and her sister Donyelle Langerak. Her father Charles is famous for his many wives who mysteriously died after he found another love interest...

Besides the WTF-worthy description, there's another detail about Kaylinn that's not apparent right off the bat:

She has a crush on Mortimer Goth.

LOL! She's Bella's rival for Mortimer's affection XD.

Considering that in the future she ends up as Don Lothario's lover, who's the future ~probable husband of Morthimer's daughter, Cassandra. Yikes! Too much drama going on in Pleasantview!

(And that woman must have a secret to not age at all!)

And that, is in a nutshell, the screwy time line of the Sims 3 :D.

(Now I want to play the game!)

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